Loop diathermy

Hi all

I'm having a loop diathermy next week and I'm feeling rather anixous about it. I had an abnormal smear 3 years ago but it didn't need treatment. I had again another abnormal smear in February and then had a colposcopy on the 17th of March. I had my letter last week which said I have low grade dysk but CIN GRADE 3 changes. I was just wondering if anyone can share and information with me about their experience with this treatment and do I get more results after this? Many thanks xx


I have had two loops under GA after having CIN3 high grade dyskaryosis and possible invasive disease. First loop found cells staged at A1A, second loop back to CIN3.

I was referred for an MRI which was clear so I had the option of a laporoscopic hyst or a follow up smear after 6 months. I opted for the smear as I've had a rough few years, just had the results of this and am HPV + plus low grade dyskaryosis and need another colposcopy.

Although still a worry I am less panicked than I was.

You should get a follow up with a consultant after the loop. A multidisciplinary team sometimes look at the tissue sample taken at the loop and then make a decison on treatment.

Breathe and be positive.

You got this xx