CIN 3 Returned



I'm hoping you can help. I had my first smear test done in June 2015. CIN 3 was detected and I subsequently had loop diathermy done in August 2015.

I had a colposcopy in July 2016 and was told there were no signs of cancer. I was advised to go for an annual smear test going forward. 

I had a smear test done 4 weeks ago and have been told it's CIN 3 again. I'm just wondering has anyone esle experienced a recurrence of CIN3? Do they offer you loop diathermy again or a hysterectomy (and if they do offer loop diathermy is that the last time before they recommend a hysterectomy?)

I ask as although I'm not ready to have children yet, I'd really really like to have them in the future. I'm beyond worried that I may have to have a hysterectomy before i ever get a chance to have children.



I'd be so grateful for your advice as I'm so worried.