Looking for advice, lletz results

Sorry for another post but looking for some advice. I’m 5 weeks post lletz, called the hospital last Wednesday to see if my results were back but they weren’t and they told me to give it a couple of days. Called again today and the lady said my results are back but they can’t give them over the phone (fair enough as I know that’s standard) but she said the consultant needs to check them then come up with a plan then they have it down that they need to call me after that. I asked how long and she said she didn’t know when the consultant is in but hopefully this week. Has anyone else had anything similar?

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Im still waiting 3 weeks post thinking of you buck and sending positive vibes let us know how get on xx

Thanks @JulieT I’m sure it’s all fine just didn’t know if this was normal. X

Its the not knowing im gunna phone tommorrow see if they can give me a time frame about getting results xx

Any news tried ringing answerphone both times will try again at 9am tommorrow x

Just keep calling Julie, that’s what I did. Someone should be able to give you a time frame for you receiving the results at least. Thinking of you x

Nope nothing still, I called back yesterday and they said the consultant is in Friday so hopefully I’ll get a call then. No new is good news though right??? Also, bit gross but has anyone been passing clots. I’ve started bleeding heavy again the past few days after a couple of days of no bleeding and there’s a lot of clots too.

I did last week all qiet down there now hope it stays that way had call back from hospital today biopsy being processed so hopefully not too long xxx

I’ve just had a call, all removed so just a smear in 6 months to check then all done!! I’m sure yours will be the same xx

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Fantastic news no results for me yet hooefully this week xxx