Just had Lletz

Hi everyone, just had Lletz and my question is what next ?  before the op I was told by consultant that results in post and I would need another smear in six months. Also she said my Biopsy results were wrong so good job I went in. It should have taken 15 mins but took an hour. I have an apt for two weeks time to see consultant. 

I'm thinking they have found something, why can't they tell you anything. 

Alison xx

Forgot to say had GA 

This morning I called the hospital to ask why I had this apt. It is for the lump in my groin which I 'be had for twelve months. It has always been clear but they keep an eye on it. So my results from Lletz in the post and a six month smear. Why don't they tell people what is going on I could scream at these people with what they put us through. So never let a day go by with worry give them a call. 

Hello Ali68,


I know exactly what you mean. I waited for my biopsy results for ages! Not knowing was killing me. And I called then up  which was a wsste of time. I found out I had borderline changes in october but they said it was nothing to worry about and that I probably would not even need treatment. Borderline changes so CIN1. Since  october I have been bleeding everyday and I have fainted. It has been the worse couples i have ever had. I can not wear a nice dress without wearing panties and a pad... every day i bleed and it gets me so emotional. I cold my doctor they said just wait till you have your biospy. I had my biopsy last month, i recieved my results last week and it has gone fron borderline to CIN3...!. 

I was shocked they I should come in tomorrow for the LLETZ . But now im thinking  if this is how fast things have progressed what if its even worse now from a month ago when I had the biopsy. And is this the reason for my abnormal bleeding. My ultrasound was fine blood test fine. I just do not know what to think.  


Sorry to go  on and on. I just cant talk about it to anypne of my friends because they just keep saying i"ts common, you wilk be fine" but they dont understand what its like to have a period everydayy since october,  to hear one result and then hear another.



I know I was told I had Cin1 but the biopsy was wrong and they went off my smear which was high grade. I had bleeding in 2011 between periods and had all the test at it was all clear. I 'm worried my results will come back with something as I don't know what Cin it is or if they removed all the cells. 

Also because I've had advanced breast cancer I'm worried the chemo I had has made the cells worse.