Waiting on results of LLETz

Hi everyone,

I had my smear test & it came back hpv positive & abnormal cells. Got a LLETZ done under GA , & im just wondering if any of yous can share how long yous waiting to get the results of the procedure?


I think mine was a couple of weeks but I rang the clinic in the end and she told me over the phone. You could always ring and ask when you can expect the results :heartpulse:

How long was it before you rang the clinic @KatieT atieT? Im so anxious to know but dont want them telling me they have no results yet.

I totally know that feeling of anxiety. I think it was two weeks when I called. They were lovely though, I explained I was very anxious and she gave me results over phone (cin 2, but not completely clear margins) and told me they would discuss me at their meeting. Even if they can’t give you results there and then they will give you an idea of when to expect them so you don’t feel jumpy every day waiting. Take care of yourself and sending you positive vibes xx

Ah right i might give it til the end of the week & then contact them to see what they can tell me. Thanks katie , sending all straight back at you x