'Look Good Feel Better' Workshops

Hi - wasn’t sure where to post this, but I just wanted to pass on details of these workshops which are a really nice way to spend an afternoon, as I did today.

This charity brings together women who are affected by cancer and runs a free class on skincare and applying makeup. You leave the workshop with a makeup bag full of goodies from top companies like Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder. I have had a quick tot up of the value of mine and reckon it would have cost me nearly £200 to buy all the bits in a fancy department store.

My group was mostly made up of women receiving treatment for breast cancer, but there were a few of us ‘representing’ other types. Some had lost their eyebrows and lashes from chemo and were interested in learning how to do eyeliner and draw in natural looking eyebrows. Others of us were interested in concealing redness and working out how to stop our makeup sweating off due to menopause symptoms.

All of us enjoyed an outing, being pampered and a chance to meet some new people, I think. Courses run at hospitals and specialist centres all over the country and you can find out more details here http://www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk

Treat yourself!

Hi Rosehip

Great to hear you enjoyed this.

I will look out for it in my area as I often feel quite isolated when it comes to support groups /socials as my nearest group is Newcastle which is still 60 miles!

Would be good to have a day out with other ladies:))

Hope you are doing OK  XX


Hi there 

Hi ther rosehip sorry don't know what happened there! I was interested to read your post as I have booked my self on one Of these sessions at Jimmys Leeds. My friend told me about them,I'm was just a bit worried I may feel like a fraud as I have not lost hair,eyebrows,or eye lashes...I fact people keep saying how well I look! & I will have finished all my treatment by then....last brachy tomorrow! :)

I just don't feel like myself...& need a boost..I always wore make up ...perfume etc but now feel dull...plus gained weight with steroids etc...mind you if I'm ok what the hell!! K xx

Well I felt a bit the same, but there were a few of us who still had hair so don’t worry. The thing is that how we look isn’t and indication of how we feel or what we’re dealing with. Just because we still have hair and eyebrows, it doesn’t mean we don’t need a boost. Enjoy your session - I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. X

Thank you xxx