Look Good Feel Better - Pampering Therapy

Hello ladies.

Hope this is ok to post here. I have just signed up for this. It is open to women who have undergone treatment for ANY cancer within the last 18 months. It is run by the cosmetic industry and next week I will go for a free afternoon of pampering, and walk away with a bag full of freebies.


Their website is here www.lgfb.co.uk

It seems to have a very comprehensive national coverage. Might as well get something pleasurable out of it all. I will report back on how it went!




This looks good!  I'm going to ring up tomorrow & book a place for myself & my friend who's just undergone treatment for breast cancer.  Thanks for the info.

God Bless


Hi Sharon,

Happy to pass on freebies! Let us know how it goes!


Hello lovely ladies,

I went along to one of these workshops in October last year, it was amazing. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and we got to go home with some amazing freebies. I believe each pack is different but I was lucky enough to have benefit perfume, Clinique foundation, mac lipstick and lots lots more.

I hope you enjoy xxxx 

I did one too and really enjoyed it.

There was quite a focus on hair loss from chemo on mine and most of the other ladies were breast patients. I felt a bit like I was there under false pretenses to start with, but cancer is cancer and it's a crappy experience no matter what kind you get. Besides, we were all in the same boat with coping with sweating off makeup when we have hot flushes....

have fun! x

Hi rosehip..im going tomorow and i was thinking the same that do i really belong there as the first part is about wigs and scarf tying for women who have hd chemo. Fortunatly i havnt needed any chemo but i still feel like cncelling. My mum sais 'dont you dare lady youve have beenthough an awful lot past few months and need a bit of pampering' ..:((