Looking good feel better afternoon

Just wanted to recommend the look good feel better workshop if anyone has the opportunity to go to one to book on to it.

It was an afternoon of make up an skincare an laughs, I was the only cervical lady there out of 10 the rest were breast cancer ladies, but we were able to talk about our journeys an laugh an cry our way through the day.

The goody bag u leave with is amazing, perfumes, skincare an make up.



i went to that too and really enjoyed it. It def makes you feel better eh? I have gone from never wearing make up to being more confident to do so,and it does make me feel better. Well done to the ladies who run it. X

This morning I am actually going to work with full make up it's been a while since I felt confident enough to do it,.

The volunteers are brilliant an don't bat an eye lid to some of the war stories they hear, they do a master class where u take ur own make up an they show u how to get the best out of it.


How do I find a local one? I feel like a sack of poop at the moment!Laughing

I did this too and had a fab time!! Highly recommend it and such a good way to give you a boost! 

Speak to your Macmillan nurse she will point you in the right direction :)

It was at my local cancer support centre, ask ur key nurse she should point u in right direction 



I recently went on one at the support centre i've been using, It is amazing isn't it! 

Same as you've said MrsP, i hadn't worn make up since this started and especially in treatment as my skin was so sensitive, but this gave me confidence to at least try to use make up again! 

and wow, the freebies are insane!! Definately recommend!