Long time no post

hi ladies

well it's been such a long time since I last came on jos!! I do have a look on every now and then, I promised myself I would come on and keep active with the group but work and home life have taken over!!

im coming up to 3 years since I was diagnosed, which is crazy as that time has flown by!! I'm onto 6 monthly reviews now, my oncologist literally sees me for 2 mins each app!! when I was first diagnosed I never thought I'd be cancer free and life would return to normal...ish!! I dwelled on my diagnosis so much in the early days, but it does get better and easier!! I feel massive guilt coming on saying how well I'm doing but I searched for survivors and especially if they had lymph nodes involved!! So I hope this gives hope to some newly diagnosed ladies! 


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Awesome news! Thanks for popping in ❤

It's wonderful to hear such great news from survivors. Thank you so much for updating . Stay fit and healthy xx

wonderful news.  I too pop in and out of the forum.  its been 18months so far, so good.  next follow up is later this month for me xxxxxx


Great news to hear and I’m thankful for your help when I was going through it all too! I finished treatment after you of course so you keep posting and lighting the way for us all!

congrats on ‘ normal! ‘ 

Being a relative newbie, it's great to hear good news xxx

Hello You! :-)

I'm only popping in randomly myself just at the mo :-) Just moved into a tiny little flat, So much to do!

Speak again soon I hope

Kepp well and be lucky!

Thanks for the update! Encouraging to see stories like yours. Exactly what I needed to hear right now.