Just popping in to say hello :)

Hello everyone! I have been a member here for oh my almost 4 years now :). It is the best place I found for help, advice and most of all support. Its been 3 years since my treatment was finished and I got the 'all clear'. Im still around :) but like many others have side effects that will almost certainly stay with me forever. But Im alive! Ive been reading some of the post as its been a long time since I was here and its a bit different so trying to find my way around again lol. I want to wish everyone who is just starting this journey the very best of luck with their treatments or whatever they may have to go through. It may seem like an uphill climb but you soon reach the top :) Oh yes...and Happy New Year to all. Jo's Trust is the best. *hugs*
Mary xxx


Hi Mary - so nice to hear from you and congrats on still being clear. Sorry to hear you are still suffering side effects, as you say it does sound like it’s very common - it’s one challenge after another with this rotten disease, isn’t it?

All the best. x

Hello Rosehip...it goes on and on...or so it seems lol

Have been having tests for PRD recently...ugh not pleasant lol

But hey ho...we do what we have to lol

Hope all is well with you