3 years on from 2b

Hi girls,

I don’t come on very often, but like to pop in every once in a while.
I am 3 years past stage 2b cc, it’s been a rough ride but things do get better! I am still in remission and other than side effects from treatment my life is fairly normal again.
I just wanted to pop in to say hang on in there girls! I remember when I was at the beginning I needed to hear positive stories and know that people do go back to ‘normal’ I still occasionally get slight panics but nothing I can’t handle. I’m on 6 month checks now and love it as I don’t constantly have the hospital hanging over me.
If I can help anyone at all just give me a shout.

Good luck to you all xx

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That is brilliant news!! Congratulations 

i am playing the waiting game at the moment till I have my first scan!! Xx

Hi Laura :-)

Thanks for popping by and spreading some cheer :-) That's never a bad thing to do. Sorry to hear you still have side-effects. I'm now at four-and-a-half years post treatment and have just been promoted from six-month check-ups to annual :-) There is a light at the end of the tunnel :-)

Be lucky :-)

So lovely to hear a positive post.  I was told I was clear in September but still very new to me.  I currently have a groin pain which I have convinved myself is bad.  Saw the consultant today and he can't feel anything, though I got told off for not using my dilators, but is going to send me for an urgent MRI.  Really trying not to worry....

That's a great story! I am in a similar position with 2b but im still waiting for my final results. I was just wondering did it take you a long time to get back to normal and feeling normal? At the moment I can't even imagine feeling normal again and I am really struggling with it xx

Thank you for all your lovely comments! It was around 2 years that I started to feel normal again, it's different for everyone though I suffered with bad anxiety but once I got passed 2 years the fog lifted. The advice I would give you is listen to your body and give yourself time to come to terms with what you've been through, it's one hell of a ride but there is light at the end of the tunne as Tivoli said!

It's always good to mention anything new to a consultant. i had excruciating pain in my pelvis after treatment and it turned out to be scar tissue forming, it settled down and I had an mri to put my mind at rest.

have my fingers crossed for you Hun x

Praise God you're good! I have a question, did you ever have any abnormal paps? I too am almost at my 2 year mark. In November of 2015 I began "spotting" after 1 year with no bleeding (post chemo and radiation ). This continues off and on. This last 3 month check up I was spotting when I went in and the Dr decided it would be good idea to perform sonogram. I had that done this past Friday. Meanwhile I'm awaiting those results, I got a letter today telling me my pap was not normal and I need a colposcopy.  I am a nervous wreck. 


I never had any smear tests as was under 25, so I can't answer your question hun. I'm sure everything will be fine at your colposcopy, my oncologist does not do smear tests after treatment as they mostly always come back as abnormal due to radiation changes.

please do let me know how you get on and good luck x