Two years Remission

HI Ladies , 

I have not posted on this for a while , I am almost two years "cancer free" now . I am still attending my 3 month check ups and am due back up next week so am feeling anxious. 

I was wondering if there is anyone reading this in remission two years also? i was diagnosed 2015 stage CC , tumor on pelvis, had 6 weeks radiation, 5 sessions Chemo and two Brachytherapy.. 

i was pregnant when diagnosed but sadly my baby didn't survive treatment. I am still struggling to deal with this and everything else Cancer has done to me , mentally as well as physically.

Would appreciate any advice.


Thank You xx 

Hi anne

i would first like to say how very sorry I am for the loss of your baby, how terribly hard this must be. 

I would also like to say congratulations on your post treatment scans being clear. This is a great accomplishment. 

I have no words of advice but just wanted to say we are all here for you. I also struggle with anxiety leading up to my checkups and am totally scared each and every time. 

 all deal with so much from this cancer and what it does to us as a person and you are not alone in your suffering. 

Big hugs

Thank you , any support is much appreciated, I sometimes feel that I am losing my mind with all this worry. I know I should be enjoying life and grateful for having my life saved which I so am but I can't seem to shake off  this feeling I have of worry and fear of the cancer returning, it really has took over my life .. I cry a lot lately and am liabel to break down almost anywhere .. I squirm each time I hear the cancer word mentioned, I've spoke to my doctor about these feelings and he has informed me that this is just part of the surviving Cancer journey. Although I have support I am still feeling alone in this and I am really struggling at the minute.



Hi again

I hate when I hear that these mental struggles are a part of this journey. I mean like HELLO of course it is but what do we do about it, when do these struggles go from normal to a sign to seek help. 

So much emphasis is put on the treatment but not the long term  side effects, anxiety as one of them. Everyone says oh you should be grateful... yeah well of course but they think that since treatment is done life goes back to normal. It's so much different then most realize. 

Maybe it's time to seek help from a councillor or speak to your dr and really emphasis that you are struggling. It sounds like you are at a breaking point and before total breakdown occurs you need to seek out some help. Try to think of this as mental health treatment and work through all your feelings. 

If more days are bad then good then that is a sign you need assistance. You don't have to go through this alone or struggle, at the very least you should try. No one should have to cry everyday. 

Sending positive vibes.