2 years on

Not been on the forums for ages. But reminiscing today, suddenly realised that this time 2 years ago, was waiting for confirmation of diagnosis. All good now, treated and well, but it stays with you, doesn't it. Next check up in Oct, which will be 12 months since last one.

Awe glad you are well its nice to hear success stories xx

Fab post 

it's good to hear from someone further down the line with success it will do wonders for the ladies on here as people seem to drift away after a while to get on with their  lives so they don't come across good news very often 

thanks for posting 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


This is a beautiful post!

thanks for sharing

Thanks all. Wishing everyone well. I need to make more time to be on here, maybe I can give support or advice to other ladies xx