3 years!!!!!

I haven't posted in a while but I figured it's important for those who are newly diagnosed, going through treatment, reading statistics and living through some of the worst times, that as of the 4th of July I am 3 years clear of stage 2b adenocarcinoma...its certainly not any easier to go for the check ups no point in lying in fact sometimes I think they are getting harder the further away from treatment I've got but every time my faith is restored and it's another positive step forward. I hope it offers even just a tiny bit of reassurance or hope to those still in the eye of storm and show that there is definitely light at the other side, some really dark days but more and more light. 


Charlene xxx

Thank you very much for posting this good news.  I am nearly at the end of my treatment and have had a really hard time with low bloods and nuetropenia sepsis currenntly.  Its given me hope of succesful outcome.  I have a grade 3 stage 2b with several lympth nodes involved. I have had 28 external radiotherapys wide field including the para aorotic nodes and 5 chemo then 3 bracys.  It has been so hard because my husband ran of with a mutual friend and his employee whom is 25 yrs younger then him.

Thankyou again and i think alot of us whom are having treatment will gain some  peace from your outcpme

love suzy xx

Hi Charlene 

your post is awesome! The truth in how it feels 3years out is very helpful. 

Hi :) 

amazing so pleased your doing well and fab you've come on 3 years later it gives so much hope to new ladies being disgnosed!! I'm 16 months since last treatment and have another app coming up end of July... can't imagine ever not being nervous going to the apps!!xx


That is great news. Gives us hope on our bad days. I just finished treatment in may so still have alot of days i worry i hope it gets better.


1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node involved, restaged to 2b, 5 chemo and 25 radiation 

Charlene - great positive post - well done.

I'm just 2 years out of treatment and one year since my all clear. It's great to share the good news with others - especially those experiencing a "slight bump in the road"!

I just had a check up a fortnight ago - you're right about being anxious and nervous.

Thanks for sharing Charlene, that's good (and honest) news which is what keeps us going. Xx


Thanks Charlene for sharing. I am currently waiting for my first post tre scan. Feeling very nervous!


Thank you for all the responses, quite emotional reading them all,  I remember reading posts like these at the time and it gave me so much hope that I could make it through. I love this forum and although I don't contribute so much anymore it'll always be my go to place, good or bad, its like a sanctuary of the most inspirational women. So much strength to be found here. Love to all of you xxx

Hi Suzy He's obviously a man of weak character. You are better off not having to put energy into him. Once you've recovered and moving on I hope you enjoy the freedoms not being tied to a creep can bring. You will get through this. Jayne

Thanks so much for sharing Charlene. We need good stories like this. 

Big congratulations to you too!

"sanctuary of inspiring women"... such a fitting and beautiful way to put it. 


Rosie xx

Thank you Charlene. I'm about to start my treatment on Monday 17th July and am very apprehensive about the road ahead. It's wonderful to read a positive post like yours x


Hey Charlene! :-)

Sorry not to have been here to high-five you the moment you posted this :-) Two-and-a-half? Three years? Round about then it all becomes so much more comfortable

Hey Suzy! :-)

Sorry you are having to deal with the reality of a bloke who cannot cope with the reality of real life. One day he will wake up to the dreadful reality that he has thrown away more than he ever earned, and he will regret that for the whole of the rest of his life. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to grow into whatever shaped reality you wish to. A cancer diagnosis offers us a chance to take a whole new look at life and to cherry-pick the bits we want to have. 

Be lucky :-)

Charlene, this was amazing to read as I begin my treatment. 

Suzy, I wish you all the very best life has to offer. I love what you say Tivoli, ''he has thrown away more than he ever earned'. I've got a friend that could really do with hearing those words now and I'm going to quote you. x