LLETZ Yesterday

Hello lovely ladies

So I had my LLETZ yesterday, and thought I would update.

The whole thing took just over 45 minutes. I had 5 medical professionals in the room (university hospital). The consultant and junior really struggled to find my cervix, it took them a good 20 minutes and i was put up and down and poked and proded the whole time, which wasnt the most comfortable of experiences. I ended up with my bottom half very high up in the air and my head pointed down to the ground... it was quite the surreal experience!

The actual procedure (once my cervix stopped playing hard to get) was actually quite quick. I had three LA injections, i felt the first two, they created a small ache for literally seconds. the third I didn't feel at all

They had to take two 'pieces'. I'm not sure if thats because they felt they hadnt got it all in the first, or if there were two seperate areas? There was a lot going on, and multiple conversations being had at the same time, and by this time the blood had rushed to my head, so I was a bit out of it lol. One nurse said I was the most calm and composed patient they had had in a long time, I had just taken in all in my stride, but i think it was probably more down to the LA and being nearly upside down the whole time lol.

I do wish I had asked more questions. I did ask the consultant if he thought he had got it all, but he didn't really answer, he just said he took two pieces and we would wait for the results. I have no idea of the size or depth of the pieces either.

My previous results for smear and colposcopy have come back within 4 weeks, so keeping everything crossed these come back quickly (and clear!).

Feeling fine today. Yesterday I had some discomort, but i think that was down to the cervcal search rather than the actual procedure. 

I hope you are all well 

Em x

Hi Em 

I had mine on Monday and I wish I'd known more about the recovery. Most peculiar, at present consists of massive watery discharge which needs tena pads/ I think other women have posted they have had this too. 
you sound as if you were very brave- I had gas and air as I am jumpy and glad I did.

I wonder why your cervix is elusive- it might just be high up ? Mine seems low. 

please keep posting, it's lovely to have women out there to share experiences with. I think our experiences can be individual too - often there are different symptoms. I'm much better now it's over as had quite a wait. 

take care 

yours is the first upside down Lletz I've heard about