Colposcopy + LLETZ today

I had my colposcopy this morning where the doctor confirmed that what they could see tallied with my high grade severe dyskarosis smear result. As soon as the solution was placed on my cervix, almost the whole area turned white so I could see for myself it was wide spread. The doctor asked me whether I was done having kids to which I replied yes, and so they then proceeded with the LLETZ.

I’ve spent long enough lurking on this forum to have a good idea of what the LLETZ procedure involves, but it really did shock me. I think women must all have completely different experiences. I’ve come away feeling a bit traumatised (and super dramatic too!) I found the procedure painful, invasive and hugely uncomfortable - it went on for about 40 minutes, and I was hysterically crying for at least half of that which is completely out of character for me!! I’m so glad it’s all over, but I’ve been in bed since I got home wallowing in self pity with bleeding, cramps and anxiety at the wait for results (although the doctor said this would take about 2 weeks which seems optimistic based on what I’ve read on this forum!)

This forum has been a life saver in accessing information and emotional support but I’m so sorry if my post comes across as really negative as I definitely don’t want to scare or upset anyone.

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I’m so sorry to hear you had a bad experience!! This does sound traumatic for you! I had mine today also and found once the injection had gone in I felt nothing at all.

You poor thing are you able to have a few days rest?

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Thanks for responding Rebecca, I had planned to go back to work this afternoon but I just feel so rubbish and tearful I think I will take a few days off. Really glad that your procedure was straight forward and not painful, I think I must be in the unlucky minority who do have bad experiences! Did you have the LLETZ too? How long were you advised the wait for results would be? x

Your experience sounds very similar to mine and you have my complete sympathy. I was having treatment for 40 minutes too. I’ve been tearful and exhausted since Friday when I had my lletz and felt like I was being over dramatic but the nurse said to listen to my body which is currently saying to rest. I keep thinking about the injections and that totally freaks me out - as I was in there for so long the nurses had run out of small talk which didn’t help!
My boss is very understanding and I’m having today and tomorrow off then going in half day Wednesday and Thursday if I’m up to it. I’m not good at taking things easy and am scared of overdoing it and then recovery taking even longer - I’m used to lugging about 25kg bags of cement and can’t seem to process that I’m not meant to be doing that!
Everyone reacts to this process differently and no feeling is ‘wrong’. Take care of yourself and listen to what your body needs x

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Yeah I had Lletz too and was terrified, I had a similar experience to you in my initial colposcopy I really really panicked and was almost sick, felt a lot of pain ect so I definitely know how you feel. They said 4 to 6 weeks results time

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Thank you so much for your kind response mrsneato and I’m sorry you also had a horrible experience. I’m glad you’re getting the rest you clearly need and that your boss is being understanding! I’m hoping mine will be too xx

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If you feel you need time off then that’s what you should try to do. When I spoke to my boss it wasn’t easy however I was honest about my desire to come back but not before I was ready. Take one day at a time.
I wish you a speedy recovery x

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I had LLETZ about a month ago and I felt really traumatised afterwards as well, even though I feel really silly saying it. Sort of felt violated even though obviously I knew what was happening and had agreed to it (in fact I insisted they do it on the day instead of making a separate appointment).

Mine was quite quick but definitely one of the most unpleasant experiences I’ve had. It’s not that it was agonising or anything, but just like you say - invasive, hugely uncomfortable. It took more of an emotional toll than I expected as it was the physical part I was anxious about. I actually found the speculum incredibly uncomfortable and sore. The LLETZ part itself, once the numbing was done, was not so bad though I desperately wanted it to be over… twice I felt a pinch and flinched, which I was told not to do (can’t really control that one).

Afterwards I felt really depressed and had a general sense of wrongness. Sounds soooo dramatic but I did feel that way.

Now I get to look forward to round 2 :frowning:

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It seems that this isn’t uncommon despite assurances that this is a minor procedure.
I feel so sad that ladies are left feeling this way. I know that I felt that I was over reacting as the professionals said I’d be fine in a couple of days.
So sorry to hear other people have had similar experiences.

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Really sorry you also had a bad experience Lowbear - I think the emotional impact was a shock to me too, I’ve been in bed since I got home yesterday and keep randomly crying for no apparent reason! I think my manager feels like I’m being dramatic but luckily has been fine with me having a few days off.
Physically I was the other way round to you and found the speculum tolerable but I really cried out when they were doing the LLETZ - they responded ‘is it pain you’re feeling or heat?’ And I was just crying so much I couldn’t answer but I wanted to say that if it was only heat I wouldn’t be crying!
Did you have a long wait for results after? Xx

I feel the same mrsneato - it feels like it is really downplayed which makes it difficult to be honest about how much it really impacts on you xx

Mine was 4 weeks ago yesterday and they told me this morning that the letter is on the way. Long enough that I was juuuust starting to forget about it!


I had a Lletz at the beginning of the year, in December last year after 20 years of clear smear tests they found abnormal cells and HPV positive, so after my colopscopy they advised a Lletz would need to be done, the reason I said about the 20 years is because at my first smear appointment I had a lot of abnormal cells that were removed by the same procedure but have come back. Anyway I had my lletz and then had a call a week later from the nurse that said they are abnormal margins and deep abnormalities, so they advised a meeting is required with all the staff involved with my case and a physician, I received a letter from the hospital a few months later advising a repeat smear is required in 6 months and then a further letter a few weeks later booking an appointment to see the consultant, I have been preparing myself as looking at other people’s comments they may offer a further lletz (not what I want) or a hysterectomy, please can anyone help if this has happened to anyone else?

Hi Lois - sorry I can’t be much help as I am still waiting on my first LLETZ results (although very impressed to see you got your results in the space of a week - wow!)
I understand from reading other posts on here that when abnormal cells come back, it seems to be on a case by case basis what treatment they offer. I think they do offer LLETZ again if viable (I think they look at scarring etc and how much of the cervix is left) but I have also seen other posts where a hysterectomy has been offered. Again sorry I’m not been very helpful but hopefully someone with more knowledge and experience will also respond! Best of luck with everything x