Lletz Treatment



I thought id post this as I wasn't able to find much about the actual Lletz procedure itself. 

I had My smear early (I'm 24) due to bleeding inbetween periods, I then went on the have two biopsys and an ultrasound scan. Results concluded I have/had high grade cell Changes (I'm still not too sure what this means) and I had to have Lletz treatment to remove the affected area. I was so scared, I found my biopsies quihe uncomfortable and would find id leave the hospital crying, although I think this is mainly due to the 'unknown' and with things like this being a little embarrassing for us. 

Anyway, this morning I had my Lletz treatment & I couldn't believe I was so scared. Admittedly I did have some diazepam from my GP to calm my nerves but the treatmemt

took about 10 minutes in total (if that) which included me gathering myself at the


The treatment involves you having the cold solution on your cervix again which I believe highlights the areas where the bad cells are, then 3 injections. I was warned the first injection will make my heart rate go up and I will shake but not to worry and not to fight it. I then didn't feel the other injections and to be totally honest the first felt like a tiny sting. Then they start the treatment, I'd say this lasted less than 30 seconds. I couldn't believe it when she said she was done, I was laughing As I thought I'd be there for 10 mins. The Lletz itseof does not hurt, you can feel a weird sensation, like a sucking? And I had what felt like period pains but it was nothing like my biopsy and the nurses assured me all was normal. 

Afterwards i I was very shaky but was assurrd this was just due to adrenaline and would pass once I move about (which it did). 

I wanted to write this to put anyone who may be about to have the treatment as ease. I really do think the diazepam helped a lot as I do get really nervous with these visits But all in all I'm In shock at how it actually was compared to how I thought it would be. 

I now have the 4 week recovery so im not getting too happy yet as I know there can be some issues but for all due to have lletz I hope this puts your mind at ease. 

I also had my lletz treatment this morning. I wasnt expecting to have anything as I went in for a colposcopy appointment. During the examination the Dr said he believes I have CIN3 and high grade CGIN. He said I would need treatment and if I'd like to come back another day. As I was in the chair I thought I may as well get it over with. It didn't take long but was quite sore when injecting the area. I felt tearful throughout but the nurses were amazing and kept me chatting. Leaving the hospital I felt like I wanted to sit down and cry. I honestly couldn't put it down to any particular thing but I was told to expect it. It's been about 4 hours now and I still feel a little out of sorts but not too bad. Should get a phone call with results within 14 days. Trying to stay positive. Hope everyone else is feeling better and staying positive too. xx

Hi all

When I had my LLETZ I had the local anesthetic injection into the cervix, but I don't think I had any other injections as described in this convo, so I guess it's important to say that not everybody will have the same procedure. I had a punch biopsy taken but after the local nothing hurt, it just felt warm in the surrounding areas that weren't numb.

Following my LLETZ I did have the bloody discharge and felt like I had period pain for a couple of days, and then I came on my period earlier than I should have but after that it was fine and I didn't have any further side effects from that particular treatment.



I had lletz treatment 2 weeks ago, felt ok for the first couple of days, then black stuff started coming out of me that's eased of and iv now a yellow discharge feeling quiet unwell and a lot of cramping back & pelvic also very week. This is my second round of lletz. So fed up of the while lot not had a clear near in 7 years. Still waiting for for results. Had to take time off college. Feeling down in the dumps over it all.

I bet it was a shock to have the treatment there and then. I was exactly the same when I had my biopsies, I wasn't expecting it and I came out and couldn't stop crying. I have spoke to others who have done exactly the same. I hope you're feeling better now! It's really good how quick they have acted with you & I hope your recovery goes well. Were you told it will take 4 weeks? So far I have been ok but I've read bleeding and cramps can happen at any time so I don't want to relax too much. 

I wish I'd listened more during appointments but I was so nervous. I was told I have moderate cell changes which are classed as high-grade changes, I'm not sure if this mdans CIN2 or CIN3? I hope that your results come back soon & go on to mean you are done with treatment! It's such a scary

thimy but having it done sooner is the best thing you could do :) 

Hi, I come from abroad, where I had regular and frequent smears every six months since I was 18 - always came back all-clear. I have moved to UK when I was 24, 6 years ago. My first smear here was all clear. Moreless 1.5 year ago I had bleeding post coitus, and I wasn't given a smear afterwards :( If I can turn the time back, I'd go privately at this stage to avoid unnecessary nerves. Then I had another instance, and they kept testing me for chlamydia and other diseases, and I was coming back all clear. I also had an ultrasound, but no changes were observed there. Finally I had my smear this year in May and it came back as showing mild dyskariosos, and I was very, very scared. I had colposcopy and biopsies, they have shown CIN2 and I was advised to have LLETZ (appointment 1.09). I was going away for holidays so I have rescheduled it for today. I was more stressed at first instance of colposcopy, especially when I have heard that I have to have biopsies than today. Sust to clarify:

1) To me coloposcopy wasn't unpleasant, painful etc. The nurses were absolutely lovely and supportive and everything was great. My only MINOR concern was that the coloposcopy clinic was situated next to the maternity ward full of happy pregnant ladies and I couldn't stop thinking 'What if I will never be able to have kids?"

2) Biopsies were not painful. I was not bleeding after the biopsies, and I had a minimal discharge.

3) LLETZ was not painful. Getting ferst local anaesthethic injection was mildly 'scratching', wasn't pleasant, but I can't say it was painful. Unfortunatey my anaesthethics didn't work perfectly and at some point I had to have it repeated, otherwise it hurt for a second - but the nurse was really careful and lovely and just gave me more of the injection.

4) I was able to drive almost straight afterwards. I wasn't feeling unwell, lightheaded or anything. It didn't hurt straight afterwards.


I was looking for those 'positive experiences' and I hope I will be able to keep sharing positive views on those things :)