LLETZ under general anaesthetic

Hi all! 


I just want to let you all know my journey so far, hopefully it may put someone's mind at ease as I was frantically googling prior to my procedure and couldn't find many good stories.


I have had years of symptoms, bleeding after sex, bloating, pain, persistent bacterial vaginosis, swollen glands and absent periods for a while. I pushed my doctors and after many tests was diagnosed with PCOS (seemed to have answered all my symptoms.)


So I am 25 years old, I had my first smear about 8 weeks ago. After nagging my doctors for a full 4 weeks after being told it only takes 2, I finally got the letter I dreaded. Severe high grade dyskaryosis. I fell to the floor as I knew this wasn't good. I was asked to come for a colposcopy a week and a half later which I was so nervous about. 


I went to my colposcopy, (it was a little uncomfortable) and she said we might have to do LLETZ, but upon further examination she was not happy doing this under local anaesthetic as the cells were covering such a large area so she decided on general anaesthetic which I would have to come back for at a later date. 


I read many stories of how bad LLETZ can be, the pain and bleeding waking up and the lack of sex drive etc and the need for further treatment. I felt awful for these women and frightened that I chose between that or potentially CC. I had never been under general anaesthetic before and I suffer with anxiety, so I was petrified about the complications of GA.


I had my procedure done under GA yesterday and let me tell you, I feel better than I did prior to it! I was so scared on the day, before surgery my heart rate was at 134 and my blood pressure was high, I was shaking, so the anaesthetist and nurses were so kind giving me extra time and lots of reassurance. 


I waited a long time before the procedure (was in hospital at 7:30 and surgery was at 11:30) which I think fuelled my anxiety, but I had my wonderful boyfriend who was allowed on the ward from 9:00. 


I woke up feeling like I had a good nights rest and chatting away to the nurses, they made sure I went to the toilet and ate, checked my heart and blood pressure and I was good to go! 


I've had small amounts of flakey blood (sorry TMI) and I had lower back pain for a few hours, but only as bad as I get for my periods. My glands have all gone down and I've suffered no abdominal pains! Insomnia hit me in the night but once I managed to fall asleep I woke up early, feeling refreshed! 


I now have the agonising wait for my results to fond out whether I have CIN or CC, but since the procedure I have put my faith in the system and although I know it's not the same for all women and my heart goes out to anyone with bad LLETZ stories, I really wanted to show that it can be ok for others. 


I hope I can put someone's mind at ease and I'm sending love to all you ladies xxxxxx



-N x

Hi NT1993,

Wow! Very similar to me, the bloating, cramps, back pain n swollen glands. I had my LLETZ last week under GA also even though I had a pretty sore throat all my pain that I had suffered previously has gone too!! 

Good luck on your results 



Missydee, I hope you are getting on well and I'm glad to see they got rid of your CIN 2 and 3! Sending lots of love! 


I just want to update everyone, I had CIN 3 and it's been removed, I will have to have smear tests every six months for the foreseeable future, hopefully no more changes!

i hope it puts people at ease knowing I had really awful symptoms from CIN 3 and not to panic like I did thinking it could be something way worse! 


Semding love to you all and hopefully I have no more symptoms xxx

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to post in your thread but I'm new to this sort of thing, and I don't know where else to go... I too had high grade, had my LLETZ on Friday (it is now Monday). But, I got my period a couple hours before surgery! (I think.. I had usual cramps that gradually got worse for about 5 days before this, it was my due date, dark red, thick and clumpy (sorry, gross)..would not be implantation bleeding as far as I understand). I was told it would not make a difference. But, as soon as I woke up (I was under GA) I noticed it was different, I was bleeding heavily with clots but, it was not the same as my usual period. I'm so confused... the cramps are getting worse as if I have it. Now, Monday, and I'm not bleeding anymore.. but I still have cramps! My Dr said that the procedure could have affected my menstruation, but my canal should be fine (not blocked) as it was not touched during the surgery, and that I should try to just wait it out. But, that does not help right now.. I've read that most women don't bleed heavily or have severe cramps until a couple weeks after, but not immediately afterwards... Could it have been my period, just weird? Does anyone know what I could do? :( I'm so confused and worried and I cannot find any info similar to this..