Having LLETZ under general anaesthetic (children mentioned)

Hi, Im Natasha, im 27 years old. I have a little boy aged four.


september 18th... Had my first ever smear as i was too scared to go for one before.


then 9 days later i received my results in the post stating I had High Dyskaryosis


went for colposcopy on the 8th october.... results came through that I had quite high changes to my cells and a large area of abnormalities


I suffer with anxiety and depression so you can imagine what my head has been going through for the past few weeks....


Im scared.... I cant even explain just one thing im scared about with this.... theres numerous.


anyway... im having my lletz procedure done under general anaesthetic in the morning on the 20th october....


qould really appreciate any insight on this??? has anyone ever had this done then found cancer? has anyone conceived after having this done? will i be in pain when i wake up?

im sorry.... i just dont know where else to turn or who else to talk to.


thank you


Hi Natasha , in sorry that you are feeling so upset & worried, of course it's totally understandable.  The docs are doing the lletz under GA as it will be a lot easier & more comfortable for you. Should you have any pain when you wake you'll be given meds for this so don't worry about that. Lots of ladies have no trouble conceiving after lletz procedure, as you are very young it's likely you will heal quickly. All best wishes for tomoro & when you are up to it let us know how you get on. Big hugs.xx

Lletz is usually a treatmemt for Cin, however it is a more detailed biopsy I recieved my diagnoses following a lletz under ga. For the majority of people this is not the case though. The lletz procedure itself is actually ok I was up and about after with just mild discomfort. Xx

Hi Natasha - I guess by now you've had your procedure done. I hope it went well and you asked the doctors about your worries.

As mentioned above, conceiving shouldn't be a problem after LLETZ, and you should heal up properly within a few weeks. I hope your fears ease a bit once you wake and hear good news that they've removed everything xx

hi everyone thankyou. i my lletz done just over a week ago now. just getting mild discomfort and had my period 2 days after procedure. feels like a sharp pain on my cervix but obviously its needs to heal xxxxx

Hi tatty2014

im having a lets under GA on Tuesday. I too had high grade. What were your results in the end?

Thanks Emma