Lletz treatment today

Hi all,
New to this site and not posted as yet. Just thought i’d try and put anyones mind at rest if awaiting lletz procedure. Had mine today at 2pm. Worst part was the anesthetic that has adrenaline makes your heart race and your body shake a little, nothing to worry bout tho wears off very quickly. Treatment takes 10 mins tops, now 23:20 and still no real pain and hoping itll stay that way. Hope this helps. Big love,
Kel xx

Bit more pain this morning and the bleeding has started. Its all bearable tho.

I felt really shaky and dizzy after mine and bled straight away! Just made sure I had plenty of rest the day after. 

Good luck with your results xx

Yes not been great today. Thanks for reply hun. So nervous about results but im sure nowt to worry about.


Kel xx