Hi ladies I had lletz about half an hour ago. I just wanted to reassure anyone who is waiting for their colp appointment that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. They showed me the abnormal area on screen and decided to remove it there and then. I was in there for about 10 minutes and there was no pain at all just a strange sensation when having the anaesthetic. I felt a little queasy afterwards but had a tea and biccy to sort me out. I went on my own and was fine to drive home. I am bleeding a little & expect to perhaps feel a little cramping later but as for the procedure itself it is a doddle. Best of luck to everyone. Lucy x

This is a lovely post :)

I had pretty much the same experience. I drove straight back to work after. I did feel crampy later that day and a bit the next day but on the whole I was ok.


Good luck all :) xx