Newbie LLETZ today

Hi there

Really love this site really has helped knowing other people are experiencing similar things.

I had a LLETZ treatment today. Wasnt the nicest thing ever but fine once everything was numb. The ladies at the hospital so helpful and friendly too not felt anything but cared for through the entire experience.

I have tummy ache but nothing some painkillers havent helped with.  The only thing for me is the working out i usually workout 4 or so times a week and im not looking forward to bleeding (having been on depo provera for a few years has meant no periods) did anyone find they were ok to get back to working out quicker than 4 weeks?

The other bit i dont like is the waiting for results, though i feel lucky as so far i havent had to wait very long at all.

Hope everyone is doing ok x


1st smear at 25 normal 

11 Aug 2nd Smear at 28 Abnormal results

27 Aug Colposcopy and Biopsy   

Biopsy results - High grade dysk

15 Sept LLETZ          

Awaiting results



Glad everything went ok for you yesterday, you feel a little rough for a few days. I usually work out too so after my LLETZ, I took it really easy for about 4 days and then did very little for about 2-3 weeks ie I didnt carry anything, pick up shopping or my children, Hoover etc. I think this really helped me and I was back at boot camp after 3 weeks. Also the discharge and bleeding wasn't that heavy and I didn't get an infection.  I think taking it really steady helped massively with the recovery. 

I found the waiting really really difficult and convinced myself of all sorts of things. I was lucky that it only took 3 weeks and then turned out to be CIN 1! Fingers crossed that everything goes ok for you and trust me, rest up for a few days, it'll help


Hi Lisajw 

Thanks for the reply. Thought i was doing ok and hsve been doing things like housework etc however now feeling pretty run down.prob better to take your advice snd take it easy.

Glad everything is ok with you and thank you for replying fingers crossed il be back to working out soon.