Had LLETZ today !!!!!!

Hi just to say i got LLETZ Treatment today, was nervous but wasnt as bad as I thought, not sore, just more uncomfortable


The doctor wasnt very friendly, she didnt ask if i had any questions, when i went in i got asked to give a sample of urine for pregnancy test

she did the procedure then said thats it, you will get your results, if we find something you will be called back, if not you will go to your doctor in 6 months for smear test

Thank god for the nice nurse who was in with me, she helped me to relax and kept asking if i was ok.


But apart from the doctors lack of peoples skills, anyone going for this procedure please do not worry, it is painless and over in 10 minutes

I just feel a bit tired now and cramps in stomach but hopefully will pass, no bleeding so far


Good luck to everyone x