LLETZ treatment complications

I recently had a LLETZ procedure after a colposcopy showed that I have CIN 2 precancerous cells. I had this procedure under local anaesthetic and found it really traumatic as I had complications when they removed the area and they couldn’t control the bleeding. It ended up taking an hour and they decided to pack the area inside and catheterised me. I found this experience very distressing as I was expecting it to be a routine procedure that would last 10 minutes, Instead it was an hour and I found it very painful and unpleasant. I nearly passed out and got quite dizzy.

Afterwards, they told me the area that was removed was large and that was why I bled so much, also that they weren’t able to remove it all as the borders were not clear. I spent the night in hospital and felt awful, I was sent home with two different types of antibiotics after a blood test indicated an infection. I am still taking these, and have felt feverish and exhausted. I have pretty much just slept since I came home on Sunday.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this, and if it’s normal to feel so rubbish? I’m also really worried about my results and having to have another LLETZ again!
I’ve been signed off work for two weeks, thankfully as I feel so wiped out, still have to get my kids to school though, which I’m struggling with.
Any advice and support would be much appreciated x

That sounds horrible! I fear that the doctor will try to push this on me, and I know I could not do such a procedure without some sort of deep sedation and no way could I sit still through it. Of course I want the chance of cancer removed, but I also don’t want to feel the pain during the procedure nor do I want to see or hear what’s going on around me. I think it is probably pretty normal to feel off for a few days. Your body has been through a traumatic experience and rest is probably the best thing you can do to physically heal. I really hope they don’t put you through that again, especially without any sort of sedation. All of the doctors seem to think it is a simple and painless procedure, but I have read far more stories of it being painful and traumatic. I don’t understand why women’s healthcare has to be like this. I think the doctors who say it’s nothing are either male or just haven’t had the bad luck to experience the procedure - they might be a little more compassionate if they knew how it really felt.

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After I had the procedure I read that you can choose to have a local or a general anaesthetic, this was not mentioned to me before I had it done, also if it’s a large area to be removed, ( which they said mine was ) the procedure should have been done under a general. I think you have every right to insist to a general, and if I do have to have this done again, which I’m afraid I may have to as I was told there were unclear borders I am going to insist on it.

Please don’t worry, they said it’s unusual for woman to react how I did, if you need to talk about anything., I’m here, it’s good to talk to someone who is going through the same thing, or similar.

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Hey @Calwhit i had my LLETZ just over 2 ago weeks now for CIN3, I also gained an infection the first week so was put on antibiotics! I hope you’re doing better!

I think it’s normal to feel rubbish, what I’ve found is I’m so tired at the moment keep napping sleeping 10 hours at night still exhausted when I wake up! I’ve put it down to my body just trying to heal because it all is quite traumatic, even though it’s described as we’re just scratching off a few cells lol :joy:

Just be kind to yourself, take vitamins to try boost your immune system and try and take it easy although, must be hard with having to do the school runs, try rest as much as possible! I’ve been taking vit c,d and zinc and today I’ve started AHCC and on my first week I was taking iron also x


@Calwhit what you went through seems awful and traumatic. Be kind to yourself and get some rest.
@Jeni thankfully, the treatment doesn’t always go wrong. I’ve had it twice. First time for CIN 2/3 and the most recent one is for low grade (they don’t know much as my cervix closed after the first treatment and they can’t see inside at the colposcopy). Both procedures were done under local anaesthetic and were painless and quick. It’s the aftermaths I find difficult.
If you can avoid a feneral anaesthesia, do as it is hard on the body.
I do agree with you though, men must have written all those aftercare leaflets! It shouldn’t be trivialised the way they do.
It’s a very emotional time and we should feel supported!

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It sounds like we have had very similar experiences. I agree that they trivialise it and it does not prepare you for how you actually feel afterwards. I still feel completely exhausted and can’t get enough sleep! Luckily I was signed off work for two weeks. I am worried about what they will say when I go back, but that’s a different matter.

Have they told you when you will get your results? I hope you are feeling a little better now.

That’s good that you’ve been signed off, hopefully you can try relax abit more! Try not worry about what work will say when you go back (easy to say) but you’ve got to think of you!

It’s 3 weeks today I had my lettz now (crazy as when I commented above it feels longer than a week ago) I am still also very faguited but I managed to go the gym on Monday & Tuesday did some light exercise for the first time so improvement!

I got my results yesterday and it confirmed they’d gotten all the pre cancerous cells and no cancer present, just got to go for my smear in 6 months time for the check up to make sure it’s still all ok! I’m so relieved!! Massive weight has been lifted

You must be so relieved to get the all clear! I’m so pleased for you!

Yes I am thankful to have some time off, I’ve felt so rubbish, but my workplace hasn’t been the best, which unfortunately just adds to the stress! I’m bye to get my results second week of April, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: x

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This is scary i am sorry that you had to go through this. I hope you recover soon wothout further complications.

What is considered a large area? I am now concerned because i have cin3 and the doctor said they will remove 5mm layer. It scheduled for later this week. They say its small but i feel like its pretty large.

Hi, I am unsure, I was not told how much would be removed initially, just that I had HPV with CIN 2 but afterwards I was told that the reason I had bled so much was because the area removed was so large.

If you are worried I would ask for a general anaesthetic, opposed to a local. I am definitely going to do this if I need to have another LLETZ performed. Also, please try not to worry, my experience wasn’t a typical one. Please update and let us know how you get on. X