I received news that I have to get the LLETZ procedure done as I have CIN 2.
I am so terrified of the anesthetic injection and have heard it is very painful. Is this true?

Hi Jasmine,

I had my initial Lletz 6 weeks ago and, I can honestly say, it wasn’t nearly as bad as what I feared.

There were 2 injections into the cervix after an initial wash with a couple of solutions. The first injection was a little uncomfortable but didn’t feel the second at all. The colopscopist said that if you have children it ‘deadens’ the nerves a little bit so it’s not too painful.

There is a screen out of eyeline where the nurse can see what is happening. I’m nosey and craned my neck to watch. I also asked to look at the biopsy that they took and they were very happy to show me where the abnormal cells were.

Recovery for me was just stomach cramps the day after but nothing too bad.

Hope all goes well for you and it’s not too uncomfortable.

Thank you all so much for your replies :purple_heart: