LLETZ Results

So I've gone through it all now, the dreaded initial smear test, which I stupidly delayed for several years, colposcopy appointment and yesterday I had my LLETZ under general anaesthetic (personal choice and recommended, I spasmed so hard during the colposcopy appointment the speculum got stuck and wouldn't withdraw much to my own personal embarrassment!)

Now, I dont have much guidance from here it feels, I've tried looking online for results and so far I've been told 4-6 weeks, 4-12 weeks and even people getting results within 2 weeks! 

I'm in Wales so I dont know if that has much/any effect on NHS times, but can anyone here just say where they are from and how long their results took please? 

I may also call the hospital Tuesday now as we are on a bank holiday to get an approximate answer. 

The surgeon/lady doing the LLETZ on me did say before the surgery she would come back and speak to me but I was discharged before she could so maybe she would've provided me with more answers then :(  

Hi Lizzie I think most places say 4-6 weeks I got mine in 2 from Sunderland and next appointment was within a month of first lletz. Fingers crossed for you take care x