Waiting for LLETZ results

Hi everyone I am new and hoping to get some advice,

I had my LLETZ procedure almost 4 weeks ago and still awaiting results. I spoke to my GP on Friday and the results are not with them yet.

Just concerned as I move home in a few days and thought they would be in by now.

Just wondering if anyone can please reply to advise how long they were waiting for results? I had CIN 2 and had a LLETZ under GA on 8th March.

It is my 2nd ‘scare’ I had CIN 2 eleven years ago also but now mid 30’s so quite worried.

Thanks in advance ladies : ) x

Hi, sorry you have not had the results back yet, I only had my Lletz 4 days ago and I'm already stressing out about waiting. 

Could you ring  up the clinic and explain your situation and see if they can tell you over the phone: speak to the consultant plus change your address at same time. 

I thought I would feel better after having the treatment but the waiting for me is the worst.

hope it's not to long for you now.

fingers crossed

Kerry xx 

hi. I rang the hospital where i had the LLETZ done after 16 days and my results were back. They let me pick the results up from hospital that day as i was anxious and didnt want to wait for the postman. I think it depends on how busy they are, the hospital i had treatment at said they were ahead with all the results, i was initially told 3/4 weeks. Ive seen other ladies on here waiting 5+ weeks xx