Lletz results are back!

Hi ladies !

I have posted on this forum a few times now during the time when I received an abnormal smear test result(high grade) when I got the coloscopy appointment and post lletz. you have all been so helpful and so supportive with your kind words!

So my results came back today from lletz as;:

The tissue removed from the cervix showed evidence of a pre-cancerous change (CIN3) but nothing more serious than this. You will need a smear test in 6 months this can be done with your GP. It is important to attend, having regular cervical screening tests is the best way to reduce the risk of developing a cervical cancer.

I’m glad the waiting is finally over although I am very apprehensive waiting for this six months smear test! however I know it needs to be done :slight_smile: ladies, if you ever have an abnormal smear test, severe even, (like mine was) just know that it doesn’t mean it’s cancer in most cases. These smear test’s are designed to pick up cell changes before they turn cancerous in so many years later. It is such an important health check and we are incredibly lucky to have this system!

Much love to you all xxxxxx

Claire xx

Great news! I'm hoping for the same soon x

Hi hun

really pleased for you and it is good to see people posting positive results wishingbyou all the best 

big hugs