6 month smear after LLetz - results are back

Hi Everyone

I just thought I would share my story with you as not a lot of people always come back here to report on positive stories!

As you can see from my sign off below I had Lletz carried out last year for high grade cells, these were confirmed to be CIN2 and CIN3. My results told me the that treatment should have removed all of the cells and I was discharged back to the GP for a smear test in 6 months time.

I had that smear test last week and have just received the results. All abnormal cells have now been removed and I have no HPV infection. I am now back on 3 yearly smears.

Obviously I know there is still a possibility that the abnormal cells can come back in the future but for now I am over the moon.

My heart goes out to all of you that are still battling this whether you are going through treatment or waiting on results. I know it can be a very emotional time. xxx

Hooray! SO glad you have a good outcome.

I am praying for this. It's all a big waiting game isn't it :/

Thanks for the update, it's nice to have positive stories. Take care xx

I am currently going through the wait. I genuinely am struggling to cope. So many sleepless nights. I only had my six month follow up literally 24 hours ago and i a month struggling so much. 

were you worried? Were you confident it was going to be ok? I keep going through mixed emotions. What if it infact comes back worse than it's original issue. I just cannot handle waiting. 

can I just pretty much say il be okay If I've got this far?! Ah there just are no answers. Until results. Obviously. 

I am so happy your results have come back clear. You must feel a stronger woman from all this. I know I do Most days. 

Love and light x 

Hi meg, 

Fantastic news. Soo happy for you. Im awaiting my results from lletz im worried not sleeping very well. Been very emotional i cried as i received a letter the other day i thought the worse but it was junk mail so still awaiting results 

Thank you all for your kinds words.


Zoeelaina I know exactly how you feel. After I had recieved my lletz results I just forgot about everything and got on with things. Then as soon as I got a letter to book my follow up smear all the emotions just came flooding back and I was constantly on edge.

I too kept thinking what if it comes back worse than what it originally was in the first place. I kept telling myself though surely if it was anything worse it would have already been picked up. All sorts of things go through your head when you are worrying about something that's natural.

Obviously no one can tell you you are 100% going to be ok until those results come back, but I'm sure if it was anything worse it would have been picked up on your first lletz. I know it really is easier said than done but please try not to worry and just try and keep yourself busy. Did you results letter from lletz mention anything about clear margains? Mine did not mention anything about margins and my results have come back fine.

I also know a lot of people myself that have had to have treatment for abnormal cells and there follow up smears have been fine and they are also now back on 3 yearly smears.

Good luck with your results and I hope you aren't waiting too long for them! I think sometimes the wait is the hardest part! Please let us know how you get on. Sending you lots of love xxx



Jo2017 when did you have your lletz treament? I hope you haven't got too much longer to wait for your results, it's torture isn't it! As I mentioned to Zoeelaina above, try to keep busy and focus on things you enjoy doing and the time will fly by. It is normal to automatically assume the worst, I was the exact same. Good luck with your results and let us know how you get on with them! Sending lots of love xxx


Ah that's good news. I had my 6 month smear and colposcopy on Friday due to a cone excision for CIN3 in August. I'm so nervous waiting for the results as had to have more biopsies taken due to more abnormal areas. I was told they got all the cells with the last treatment it's so scary.