LLETZ Recovery discharge


I recently had the LLETZ procedure a week ago today and I just wanted to know what peoples recovery was like in terms what kind of discharge did you experience after? What is considered normal and part of the healing and what is considered an infection?

For the past week I’ve had watery yellowish discharge and I’m just confused because on some google searches it says that’s normal after the LLETZ and is part of the healing process and others are saying infection, I just feel like I’m going into panic mode as I don’t know what is considered to be normal after a LLETZ!

I was going to ring my GP but realised they shut at 1pm today so now I’m just going to spend the night worrying

If anyone can shed some light or advice, greatly appreciated! X

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Incase anyone has the same worries/symptoms as me, I was able to get an appointment at my GP, she did a swob to test for an infection but gave me antibiotics as a procaution anyway incase it is an infection


Hi my dear friend
Last week on March 7 I had a surgery to remove abnormal cell CIN2 I was very anxious like what gonna happened to me but I got shocked when I woke up I was in recovery room already, I didn’t realized with general anesthesia I wouldn’t able to know or feel anything ,any way in short, today is the 10 day of my procedure and since I had done this I am having a light brown discharge and blak color things came from my private part which I believed a chemical to protect your wound luckily I have no cramp no pain since I had this procedure I’m already done with my postop appointment doctor wants me to see in 6 months in your case I guess you got infection because as per my understanding every one is different like your obgyn must explain to u before this procedure like what kind of side effect you would have I think you should go to ER of you having bleeding , fatigue , chill , fever heavy bleeding mean your wound got infected plz don’t lean don’t pick heavy objects try to bed rest as much you can I hope this can little help you I’m not a doctor but whatever I know I like to help other thx

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@Sasha thank you! Hope your are resting and recovering well also! Xx

Thx God you feel batter now I’m happy for you :smiling_face_with_tear:

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