Lletz and odd side effects


Hoping someone can advise if this is a normal side effect.

I had my Lletz procedure yesterday, not experienced much pain since, but what I have experienced is urine leakage everytime I stand up, significant enough if I am not wearing a pad I can soak my underwear. This is definitely not discharge.

I’m worried something has gone wrong during the procedure, as when the consultant went to start with burning cells, my body jolted as he touched an area that was not numb and I shot up the chair, so I am worried the tool he was using could of burnt an area it shouldn’t have, now causing me this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Appreciate anyones time in answering.

I could just be worrying for nothing.

I also feel like I’m peeing myself after lletz, it sadly usually for me ends up being an infection and is not actually pee! But from your situation of what happened during your lletz if you’re concerned and even just for you own peace of mind I’d call the department and explain your problem and that you’re concerned, they’re likely to have you back in and do some checks & or swabs xx