LLETZ Recovery Times

Hi all,

So I’ve been lurking whilst waiting for the results of my copolscopy from 4 weeks ago. It’s back and confirmed CIN2 and I need to have LLETZ. I’ve had no information on the treatment and had to Google it. Just that it’ll take 10 mins and to let them know if I have a holiday booked in the 4 weeks following. My understanding of that is that you can’t swim or have sex following the treatment.

The appointment for the treatment has also arrived which is the day before I’m due to go away for the weekend for my brothers wedding at the coast.

My question is what is the after recovery like? I appreciate we are all different but I’m wondering whether I need to change the appointment or if I’ll be ok. Treatment is the Thursday afternoon and wedding is on the Sunday. I’d rather just have it over and down with than have to wait for another appointment to come through.

Thanks in advance



I have had this procedure done in November, however mine was under general anaesthetic. However one of the things I feel is most brushed over and not spoken about is the recovery. Not just physically, which was just cramps and being uncomfortable and swollen. Nothing major, but for my personal experience I struggled mentally in recovery for a few weeks. I know everybody is different, and completely understand your want to get it out of the way. It’s a tough decision, I hope you find out what is best to do for you xx