Lletz procedure and swimming

OK so I'm confused. Can anyone help as the doctors take forever to ring  back. 

So on 26th March 2018 - Colposcopy + Lletz large loop excision. 

Had no bleeding till about 5th of April. Bleeding has been various from light to dark, to bright red to dark red occasional crampish feeling. 

Now going into the second week of bleeding which is definitely lighter then the first.  This isnt a period as I'm on the implant and don't get periods with it.

Anywho can I or can't I go swimming. All legislation the hospital gave me just says. Bleeding up to 4-6 weeks is expected. And no swimming for 2 weeks. I have to swim sometimes 3 times a week for work?

So can I swim or not? If it's still bleeding surely it's still raw and healing and at risk of infection?