bleeding and swimming

SO - long story short, i had a LEEP/LLETZ almost 2 weeks ago from today.

I started bleeding around day 10 i think, pretty light/modeate bleeding, definitely not something i would think requires treatment. Today im still bleeding a bit but i think less than 2 days ago..


Anyways - the 2nd of april im off on holiday, which would mean 5,5 weeks after treatment, which i understand is okay for going swiming/having sex/the lot.

The bleeding though - what if it continues forever? I was thinking of asking my gyno if I can get something to stop bleeding, and possibly some antibiotics just IN CASE i would get an infection on holiday. Ugh i dont know - i was thinking you guys are experts, what do you think? Thank you!!!! :) 



almost 1,5 month ago i got a mirena inserted and after that i also had bleeding basically nonstop, which is even more confusing. i dont know if my bleeding is my period, the mirena or from the procedure..