Lletz procedure advice wanted

Hi All

I am having a LLETZ procedure on Friday for CIN 3 cells after a colposcopy

I am worried about having this procedure on Friday and not for the 'normal' reasons.  I have read in the leaflets that the local anaesthetic can make you feel light headed / faint and that is what scares me more than the actual procedure itself!

I really hate feeling like that and get quite panicky, I was wondering if anyone could advise if they felt this, or not?

Thanks in advance



I've had this procedure twice now in the past few months.  Im sure the effects are different for everyone so i can only tell you how i felt afterwards.

The local anaesthetic made my legs a little wobbly they said to me its more about the adrenalin running through your system from the experiance itself more than anything.  Just take it easy when you get up.  I was offered a quiet room to sit down and have a cuppa so maybe see if they can offer you that afterwards?  I think its mostly the emotional tole of it all at the time rather than the anaesthetic.

I know with COIVD etc they are saying people cant come with you, but I've been really anxious with all my appointments so they have let my partner come in with me for support, so if you have someone that could come with you, it might be asking if they could come just to give you some support whilst your there.  Always worth asking.

Hope thats helped x

Hi Laura,

I had LLETZ today, and can honestly say that at no point did I feel light-headed or faint. I was also offered somewhere quiet to sit after with a cup of tea, but chose to beat a hasty retreat.

Hello, I had my lletz last Friday. I was in and out in 30 mins. 20 mins of that was chatting. 


I didn't feel anything atall from the local anaesthetic. Didn't feel the needle really either. After the treatment I drove home and went for lunch with my husband. Totally fine. No lightheaded feeling. No feeling in my legs. 


Relax itll all be so much easier than you think xxx

Thank you all so so mych

 I really wish I'd found this site 3 weeks ago when I first started worrying!  

thank you again xx

Hi Laura,


I've had two LLETZ in recent months. The first with 4 local anaesthetic injections, the second with 7 local anaesthetic injections, and last week had one local anaesthetic injection in my breast for a breast lump biopsy.


Every time I have been absolutely okay afterwards. I believe any light-headedness is more likely to be caused by breathing too fast due to anxiety than the anaesthetic itself. There will be a nurse with you the whole time who will be helping you to kerp your breathing calm and to relax all your muscles.


Good luck lovely xx


Ive had lletz in the past few months and had anaesthetic twice in the same due to complications. No light headedness for me. As everyone else has said, take it easy when you get up. You will have a nurse by your side the whole time checking you feel ok too. They really are very friendly and attentive.

You'll be ok ? x




Hi there, 

I had my LLETZ treatment yesterday afternoon for my CIN3. I found the smear uncomfortable and I actually found my biopsy quite painful and emotionally distressing, so I was really really scared to go in for my treatment. I was mainly scared of the local anesthetic, because I have a massive fear of needles in general. 

While I know that the procedure can be different for every person, I want to reassure you that for me personally, it was 100% pain free, at no point did I feel uncomfortable at all and actually I left feeling really happy, because it went so much better than I though. 

When I went in, I made sure to ask them any questions I had (make sure to write them down), they were happy to answer. I also told them that I was mainly really worried about the local anesthetic, so they said "don't worry, we'll just have a chat for now". They kept me talking and at some point I asked "has the local anesthetic been?" and she said "oh yeah, I've done that already!"

...I didn't even feel it! All that worry for something I could barely even feel!

I had no shaking, no light headedness, I felt completely fine and the whole thing was done in less than 10 minutes. 

I think the best thing to do is just to be honest with them and let them know you're feeling quite nervous, then they will be able to help you best.

I hope everything goes well for you and always remember: 10 minutes of feeling a little embarassed are a lot better than a lifetime of cancer. 

Sending lots of love,


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