LLETZ treatment - some reassurance

Hello. I’ve never posted on any sort of online forum before, but I’m moved to by my very recent experience. I had my first LLETZ with local anaesthetic today after a couple of years’ watch and wait with CIN2, then 1, then 2 again. It was a procedure that I’d put off time and time again, and this was mainly to do with some of the stories I’d read online. The last few months of waiting have tortured me, as I wondered what these bad cells were doing, and after today I wish that I’d just gone ahead with the LLETZ when it was first offered, two years ago. I wanted to add a positive voice, since I realised that it’s more likely for people to post with bad experiences, or extraordinary experiences, rather than run of the mill ones, or even good ones (as mine was). I would have been very reassured to read what I’m about to write to you - and I hope this gives someone some comfort somewhere:

Basically, my LLETZ was fine. With deep breaths, and trying to relax as much as possible, I found it even less painful than the punch biopsy, which was also relatively undramatic. I took two paracetamol an hour before my procedure (this morning) and didn’t feel the anaesthetic injections, didn’t feel the loop (which took only a few seconds), smelled nothing, heard nothing, and saw nothing frightening. I had misunderstood that this was a painful and bloody procedure, and this just wasn’t the case. And you get a cup of tea at the end of it all - bonus!

The one thing to be careful about is making sure you properly rest for two days - and really rest - no lifting, no rapid movements - so that you can heal, and prevent excessive bleeding. So far for me there has been no blood at all. And no pain. Good luck, my cervical sisters, and don’t be scared. If you’ve been recommended the LLETZ treatment, you can trust your docs and nurses and know that you are in the best hands.

Glad you finally went through with it. I found the speculum the worst part of the whole procedure. Unfortunately not something I can avoid. I didn't even get a cup of tea afte. I feel cheated!

Thanks for this advice I'm due to get mine on the 5th of April this has really calmed me down xxxx

I had lletz treatment yesterday after my smear came back with high dyskaryosis. The nurses were fantastic and put me at ease. However it is just the thought of waiting for the results, really hard not to think the worst.

Smear test 16/03/16. Abnormal cells

coscopy and Lletz treatment in 31/03/16

so worried xx 

I'm having my lletz procedure on Wednesday, I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, I'm absolutely terrified and havnt been able to sleep well for 2 weeks! I did the worst thing and googled peoples experiences and the procedure... it's only made me more scared :( 

Hey Mari

Please try not to worry too much. I had my LLETZ 1st May and was so nervous. I didn’t need to be as it was fine. Abit uncomfortable from the speculum but otherwise ok.

i have a repeat on Thursday but again I’m pretty nervous,even though I’ve done it before!

Good luck tomorrow and hopefully it’s the only one you’ll ever need xxxxx

Hi, I found my LLETZ treatment to be an interesting one, Anaesthetic and Andrenaline at the same time WOW, like you I also found the previous one to be more painful, what's weird is i only found out the names for all these treatments afterwards, they tell you nothing in the letters.

 The side effects vary on my movements throughout the day, I'm still trying to get my head round it all.