Lletz messing with periods

Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with periods after their lletz treatment.


i had my lletz 6/10 apart from an infection everything has been fine. This morning I woke up covered in blood totally freaked out. I called 111 and they think it is just an insanely bad period. I am on the pill so was not expecting a period yet. This was unlike any period I've had in my life it was bright red blood huge clots never seen so much blood it didn't stop for an hour really really heavy. (Sorry gross I know!) I did consider going to the hospital but the doctor from 111 called me back pretty quickly. I've had to take the day off work. Bleeding has calmed down now just completely freaked me out it was awful!! Anyone else has problems like this? I found lletz pretty pain free and An OK experience but I'm not enjoying the recovery!!



i bleed like this for 6 days :( x

How bad was it? There was a puddle on the floor...really freaked me out just bright red Blood non stop like that for hour now it's stopped but I wasn't due on really freaked me out it just proper gushed was awful xx

I was bleeding really heavy I couldn't leave the house without two pads and going to change every hour and a bit, inrang the hospital several times but they waant concerned, I'm still bleeding now but not as heavy thank god x

Oh god it's awful isn't it. It's stopped now it was literally like a huge gush puddle on floor was awful! Kept on like that for an hour then stopped. I'm confused because I'm on the pill I shouldn't have  period so maybe it wasn't that? Was just bright red. I'm still on anti biotics so don't think it can be infection xx


It sounds as though you may have dislodged the clot (even getting out of bed can cause this), especially if you are not due on your period yet. If its bright red blood I believe it normally means it is from the treatment site (the darker/browner the blood the 'older'/dried it is) so it is like a fresh wound. If it happens again and lasts for more than half a day I would suggest popping to your hospital as I know other girls have struggled to stop the bleeding, and they had to have it cauterised again. I've noticed in your signature you've had two infections and a swab was taken - maybe they dislodged it then as you haven't had it done too long ago and they say 4 weeks for healing?

I had two days of extremely heavy bleeding and clots (whilst I was away from home with work too, which didn't help!) other than that I've had two weeks of bleeding (mildly) which stopped on Thursday. It’s been 4 weeks since my LLETZ this coming Tuesday. The recovery is definitely the worst part along with waiting! So fed up of using pads as I think most girls would agree!

Hope you get better soon and get your results shortly!


Lucy x

Hi Lucy thanks for yout message,


I had mine coming up to 3 weeks on tueday. I havent had any bleeding just very light pink discharge, which didnt smell very nice which is when i went for swabs for infection which was on the 14th and was fine after? I had a course of metronizodole which didnt clear it up and now on new anti biotics.


I was so scared this morning it didnt seem like a period to me it was just bright red blood and big red clots (sorry for tmi!) I called NHS111 staight away and the doctor said because i feel fine it must be my period. I havent missed any pills and still got weeks worth left to take. Bleeding has pretty much stopped now it seemed to be one big gush i went through like 10 pads in an hour, trousers soaked etc. Not sure what to do now?!

got a bit of pain but not much now and very light bleeding more spotting xx




When I had the two days of extremely heavy bleeding, it was around the time I was due on my period so I put it down to being on my period, and my consultant/nurses did tell me that my next period after LLETZ will most likely be a lot heavier and longer than usual. So maybe yours was the 'start' of your period, but just seems odd as you're on the pill and not scheduled to be on. 

Saying that, I have been on Metronidazole before when I had my wisdom teeth removed and had an infection and it completely messed up my period cycle (starting 12 days late then the next month 1 week too early) so it could be a mixture of things?! If you google about metronidazole and periods you will find a lot online about it changing cycles, but when you confront doctors (like I did) they always say there is no proof or side effects listed with it about menstrual cycles, but I think it’s because they don't receive enough evidence/feedback on it to say it should be a listed side effect.

Glad to hear it has settled, it will probably continue mildly for next week or two then hopefully stop. I still currently have darker discharge than normal (still residual of blood I believe!).


Lucy x

Thanks for putting my mind at rest :) 

The doctor did say a combination of starting a new pill, 2 different anti biotics, having the lletz has just thrown me all out of sink. Ive still got 5 days of anti biotics left so she wasnt worried i had another infection. I think its just scary seeing that much blood! not like a normal period. She did actually also say anti biotics can make blood clot more sometimes?

Coming up to 3 weeks so hopefully get results soon, have you had yours?


It's always nicer having someone elses opinion as your mind can go off on its own sometimes, I am the 'worst case scenario' type of girl so I always do it!! Sounds like your Dr knows what they are talking about so I would take that advice :-)

No results yet.. It is driving me mad. If after Wednesday (over 4 weeks) I still haven't got anything I'm calling the consultants secretary and chasing (as I had to after my biospies to get my results then!) Just hoping the saying no news is good news speaks the truth!

Fingers crossed for yours, let me know what yours are when you hear! 

Have a fab weekend x

It was just an out of hours doctor I would of been much happier to see my own gp but she was nice. I don't think many doctors know much about lletz I have struggled. Oh yeah definitely nag them! Might be worth calling your gp as well as if they get results electronically they will have them before you do possibly. Oh I do think it's no news is good news. I saw my gp Wednesday for second course of anti biotics and he said if anything was wrong I would of heard of them by now.


you too xx