PainfulPeriod after LLETZ

Hello ladies,

I had my LLETZ treatment on 29th April, since then I've had no blood really apart from the odd clot. I had very unpleasant smelling discharge five days in so im on a course of antibiotics, which has helped alot (Thank God!) I was back at work last week but went home on Friday with severe pain, I was in agony all day and when I went in the shower it was like a scene from the film Carrie!! I also had alot of fleshy/clots coming out of me which really upset me.  I was so worried I rang 111 (non emergency number in UK) and spoke to a nurse who totally calmed me down, she asked if i was due my period and I was, so suggested that the blood from my womb was irritating where the biopsy was taken and hence more sensitive to pain and more blood, I just had to monitor bleeding, which by Saturday afternoon both pain and bleeding has subsided. To be honest it feels less tight down there, so maybe its good that it did happen?! Anyway, i just wanted to see if any of you had experienced something similar? and if you have had LLETZ recently not to worry and just speak to someone. I think were all going to go through some unpleasant things for next few weeks! I just want to feel normal again and wear sexy underwear!!! X

Ohhhhh Im due in a week my first period after LLETZ! I'm dreading it! Xxx

I just got my first period after my biopsy and cauterization... also my first proper period since coming off the pill, a pill which pretty much gave me 2-3 days of very light bleeding once a month... and i can totally relate! I got my period wednesday night and when I went to the bathroom on thursday morning, it was honestly like a scene from a horror movie... maybe tmi but there was blood everywhere!!!! I never expected this... but by yesterday, my period is all but gone. I also had the clots about a week after my treatment-that was a pretty scary moment too and so much pain! I never expected all of these things but I guess its a small price to pay to get these nasty cells out of our bodies! Hope you are all good now x

Thanks for replying girls.

Yes I actually feel the best i have since the treatment today- hoping for an easier ride from now on! You're totally right Alexs, small price to pay, although its week 2 and im already frustrated in every way imaginable, i just want to feel normal again and not have to line my knickers with liners or pads everyday (sorry for TMI- but its true!) and be able to go out and get dressed up without worrying what to wear or if i'll leak all over the place! I just hope that they got all of them and don't have to go through this all again, I salute you women who have had this done twice, and can totally see why people end up depressed because of it. xxx


Does anyone know if you can use tampons on your first period after LLETZ?

thanks :)