Lletz GA ... Newbie

Hi All Had Lletz by GA on Wed 9th. Everything went well, no bleeding and minimal pain. Its my first GA so wasn't sure what to expect. Almost think everything went too well... waiting for it all to catch up with me. Reason I had to have GA was when they attempted it under local I bled so much( am ginger) just administering local they were worried about treatment so put me in for GA, irony no no bleeding. Anyway to my question.... I am leaking urine when i move (from sitting to standing or moving in bed). Is this normal ? I am not hugely concerned to call hospital out of hrs and hopefully will calm in a few days ... can i just have an idea from others if this is 'normal'. Thank you.


I'm not a doctor, however as far as I'm aware it wouldn't be normal to leak urine after a LLETZ regardless of whether it's done with local or general anaesthetic. It wouldn't be a usual side effect after a GA either I don't think. I don't know if a urine infection could make that happen? Probbably a good idea to seek medical advice. There's always 111 as it's the weekend. They can make you a GP appointment or tell you to go to A&E if they think you need to. 

All the best x

I doubt it’s an infection as I am on antibiotics post op. I was just thinking if they put a cathater in during op if it’s just irritated the area… I am trying to minimise and hope it returns to normal in a few days.

Think I’ll get through today and call colp suite in morning, rather talk to my specialist nurse than yet another stranger.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi the same thing happened to me, i got LLetz done 3 weeks ago and everytime i got up from sitting or walking i felt like i was leaking urine, i had to wear tenna lady.

I went to doctors i got swab and urine sample taken i had a urine infection got 2 courses of antibiotics to take,the first course didnt clear it up, it has cleared up now i think my body was just healing after treatment


Spoke to my specialist nurse, she is super fab !

I explained what was happening and she has assured me its normal … its not actually urine i am leaking but a straw coloured fluid. It builds up at the top of the vagina and then when i move / stand it feels like a urine leak.
She said as i am not bleeding at all is prob why i am.noticing it but its just the fluid that it being used to help heal the wound.

Feeling really happy and calm again now as up til now its been a good experience - well as good as these things go.

Roll on results in 3 wks

Hi there - I had exactly the same thing.

I alternated between blood and this fluid. It's a bit unnerviing at first as I also thought it was urine!

Good luck with your results x