Hi all,

I had my LLETZ a week ago today, it went ok and I’ve had barely any pain and only light bleeding. On Thursday night I felt a warm gush and thought I’d flooded with loos but I hadn’t, my underwear was just wet!!!
Since then I’ve been leaking, it’s clear and happens when I move… Sit to stand or roll over in bed! I’m wearing sanitary towels 24/7! I have booked in to see dr tomorrow as the colposcopy nurse that is my contact is beyond useless but I just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar? There is nothing in the after care leaflet!

Thanks xxx

I had the same thing 3 days after my LLETZ under GA. I was soaking through everything - the sanitary towels just couldn't handle it. I called the hospital and they called me in just to check there was no infection, which thankfully there wasn't. I hope you're not having to deal with it for too long, it's not a nice sensation, but if there's no infection I promise it will pass x 

Lovely isn't it? I had a week or so of this before moving on to the charcoal stage (black discharge - I believe it's the cauterised skin coming away) but it seems to be a normal stage.  I was just about to buy Tena pads when it stopped.  X

I had this after a Lletz, like you say it gushed out when i stood up or moved.  Really annoying but it should slow down and then stop soon enough. x

I genuinely read more and more of these lletz aftermath posts and freak out and am just thankful that I am on summer holidays break throughout all this!i cannot imagine going through all this and having to go to work as well! 

ah ladies- we are lucky - very lucky- but it Sure isn't a fun ride ! X