lletz ga glandular cells

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So this is my first post. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences to me. I had my first ever smear back in December and came back with abnormal glandular cells. They booked me in for a colposcopy but my cervix played hide and seek. So today I had a lletz under general anaesthetic. 

I'm getting annoyed that no one can tell me what these cells are, if they removed them all, I just feel so in the dark. All my questions are answered with "you'll get a letter", which they've said could take 6 weeks.

Anyone else had similar at all? What did they turn out to be.



Hello Charli :-)

This is exactly what happens to everybody. You are not alone. The cells that were removed during your LLETZ are sent off to a laboratory for analysis and nobody knows precisely what is going on inside you until the analysis has been completed. I have not a single idea about why there is a 4 - 6 week wait for results but that seems to be the norm right across Britain. I expect it's a target set by the government or something equally ridiculous. Anyway. When the lab has finished looking at your cells you will receive a letter which will probably say very little and ask you to go and see your doctor to discuss the results. The reason for this is that if they regularly sent out good news in letters and asked people to come back to see the doctor if it was bad news then everyone being asked to go back to the doctor would know they were going to receive bad news and would go into a panic. In addition, the 4 - 6 weeks to hear back is just some basic time-frame that mustn't be stretched to longer than that. Some people get their results in a week. If you get your results quickly it does not mean that they have rushed them through because you are seriously ill, it simply means that they got on with it and didn't have to fall back on the 4 - 6 week deadline.

I hope that makes sense, if you hang around this forum for a little while you will see that this is the most frequent subject of all posts.

Be lucky


Hi Charli, 

i had exactly the same. My abnormal smear came back and said i had pre cancerous cells in the rare glandular form. I had my LLETZ treatment a week ago under local aneasthetic. I received my results 4 days later to say they had removed all pre cancerous cells and i had to return in 6 months for another smear. Its a very dark and scary time but we are very lucky as i was told its hard to pick up CGIN on a smear as the abnormal cells are higher up the cervix so im so pleased they were picked up as in a matter of a couple of years we could have been in a very different situation. I hope everything works out well for you! Take care!

Ashleigh x