LLETZ Results

I'm 25 and have recently been for my first smear which unfortunately came back as 'inadequate'.

I went to my colposcopy appointment and the gynaecologist mentioned there was a query as to whether there were glandular cells. I had a colposcopy and 'top hat' lletz at the same appointment. After the procedure he said there was a definite abnormality and that I would get the result by letter in 4-6 weeks time.
I went on holiday 2 weeks after the procedure and whilst I was away I had a voicemail asking if I could call ASAP. When I returned I also had a letter for an appointment dated the day before the appointment date to discuss my results. Unfortunately I had missed this appointment due to my holiday so called up today and I now have an appointment on Wednesday. They couldn't give me any details in relation to my results and I couldn't get any more details from my doctor either.
There are a few things playing on my mind at the moment:
No one has mentioned precancerous cells or a CIN level at all - just the fact there could be glandular cells. 
He could see an obvious abnormality.
They said results would be sent by letter but I've got a urgent hospital appointment to discuss mine.
I've been a silent forum user so far but would really appreciate your thoughts on what the above could mean or whether you have been in a similar situation. I understand different trusts work in different ways but the not knowing anything is horrible :-(


Hi so sorry you’re in this position and obviously worrying. The waiting is by far the worst. My smear test came back as glandular abnormalities, biopsies from my colposcopy were inconclusive however they still wouldn’t tell me over the phone when I asked. I think unfortunately you won’t know until you go, there could be abnormalities that need more treatment for glandular abnormalities I believe that’s usually a cone biopsy. I had a lletz after my biopsies which lead to a cc cancer diagnoses but I think any results will most likely be given to you in person that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s anything to worry about.

Take care and good luck xx

Hi Charlene, thank you for taking the time to reply it means a lot. Only a few more days to wait - I'll post back with the results xx

Update: I had my appointment today and was diagnosed with invasive adenisquamous carcinoma stage 1a1. Fortunately they think most was removed when had the LLETZ procedure but having some more removed under GA by a specialist within the next month. Even though its not the best news its been caught early and the waiting game is over (for now!) :-) xx

Natalie, I admire your optimism and determination to fight. Please let us know the outcome of the treatment you are having done. Wishing you all the best!