I am new to this forum and have found it helpful but have not found much on CGIN LLETZ results.
I had my 1st smear Dec 16 -severe dyskaroysis,
colposcopy Jan 17 - biopsies normal, referred to MDT - smear results show CGIN,
Feb 17 - LLETZ treatment for CGIN and am awaiting results

I am panicking as I keep seeing treatment for CGIN is a hysterectomy! I am 26yrs old with a partner of 10 yrs and no children (yet). and consultant did mention cc! Please help I cannot think of anything else.

Hi ad22. 

I know how you feel about the waiting, it's very tough and Google doesnt always help. But I have found a number of very useful posts in this forum. I hope you hear soon And it's hard but try and relax. 

Hi jlw

thank you for your reply, have you got CGIN too? 

I am ok when I'm at work as don't think about it but the evenings are horrid and the bleeding has just got a lot heavier and not being able to use tampons is horrendous whilst at work! 

How long till results? And what next? I have always been an organised person and just want to plan for the future but cannot think of anything else at the moment. Does anyone else feel this way? Xx

Hi I had a lletz with top hat and womb biopsy on February 1st for cgin, I have still not received any results so I am hoping that no news is good news and that it has all been removed. Not sure what happens once it is removed but they will hopefully keep a close eye on us for a few years at least. The waiting is such a stressful time for us.

Hi Deb33,


Thank you for your reply, there does not seem to be many of us CGIN! Did you have that under LA? And did they say why they were doing a womb biopsy is that just to be precautious? Sorry lots of questions we just want to be answered. They don't seem to tell us much, my consultant asked if I had any questions well I had loads but after LLETZ and lots of tears I couldn't speak. 

I had my lletz under local, and I never even got told that I had the womb biopsy, I only found out afterwards when I recieved a report through the  post of the procedure that was carried out, I never even got told how long I would have to wait for the lletz result. What I have learned so far about cgin is that the cells are higher up in the cervix so harder to find and remove I suppose, but allot of woman have had clear margins after lletz, so I am hopeful. Hope you aren't stressing out too much the waiting part is horrible x 

Ah I see, I haven't received a report. But she said that's why the Biopsy came back clear because the cells are higher up the cervix and the biopsy was taken on the outer layer, thank god for the smear test being able to go that far up! I am ok when I'm at work and busy doing things. It's not being able to talk to anyone that is harder. Hope you are ok! Good luck with your results xx