Advice please regards CGIN

Hi all I am desperately looking for advice regards what to expect next.

I had first abnormal smear in august 2014 and have since had two lletz treatments. I am awaiting results of recent smear & am basically wondering what my options are if this is cgin again? Will I keep having lletz treatments or does something else happen such as hysterectomy?

I am just trying to prepare myself for what may be put to me in near future. I am only 30 and have one child and would like another in the future. Should I be trying now before the choice is potentially taken away from me.

I have had some major meltdowns since first lletz but feel more able to deal with it all now.

Any advice would be appreciated x

Hiya im going through this nightmare with cgin im 34 have luckily completed my family i had my smear october have had it come back high grade cgin so had a lltez unfortunatley i havent had clear margins and another lesion pre cancer called smile has come back from lletz results and high cgin, i was discussed in a mdt meeting and i have been advised to have hystorectomy just waiting for a date now, from what ive researched and asked the panels doctors nursers about this is its rare and unpredictable, if you are still wanting more children tgey can keep a very close eye on you , but im really not sure your colospicist nurse or consultant could give you more of an idea what treatments they could offer and im sure they will want you to preserve your fertility and be able to have more children . Theres not alot of resaerch on this or knowlege ive been a bloody mess trying to get answeres ,sending you lots of luck and positivity and hope your smear comes back good this time if you ever need to talk pm anytime xx

Thanks so much for your reply although I'm sorry to hear you are also having a time of it too! My consultant keeps saying to me to wait on each result but I haven't heard of many people having a third lletz so was wondering what might be ahead So I can prepare myself. I guess all we can do is put our faith in these people and hope for the best. I am thinking of trying for a baby ASAP now as having two cgin within one year makes me think it is more aggressive as other posts I've read has been over longer periods

X x x

Similar here - luckily although I'm 25 I've completed my family and OH had the snip earlier this year x

Hi please read my post from today. I am now on my 3rd round of lledtz although I never even knew I was getting it done each time I was going in I thought it was routine smear and just recently they are advising me to get hysterectomy. I'm only 31 and wanted more children. I never even knew that ledtz carried problems with trying to get pregnant etc or I would have tried a couple years ago. I have high grade cgin4 and only found this out recently - I had a normal smear in September then the hospital called me in 4 weeks later to say that my s was pulled randomly in an audit and the pathologist was concerned and they wanted me to have a hysterectomy 3 weeks later. I said this was bit extreme of the ba of a negative smear and asked them to do another biopsy. Just had third go at lledtz and apparently case for hysterectomy stronger than before. I just thought I was going for normal things and if I thought for a minute my chances of having more children were decreasing I would have tried sooner. I am now demanding my notes and full explanation from another consultant why so much has been done in an incorrect manner with me. I'm gutted and thankful at same time it's been caught. Good luck. 

Thanks csweeney & lemoncat for your replies. it kind of confirmed my fears but hopefully the next smear is clear. I just worry that if it is, like yours it maybe still there somewhere. It's really terrifying... I also feel that the colposcopy doctor hasn't given me full info or been straight with me & am worried at waiting and seeing as it hadn't worked so well so far. What will you do csweeney are you going for the hysterectomy x

I feel exactly that with my Colp Dr! When I was in hospital having my second LLETZ I read my notes that were on my bed and it was so different from what she had told me. She hadn't told me about any cancer cells but in the noted from the lab it said somethiNo along the lines of 'cancer cells seen, needs further investigation on next lletz' x