Positive experience of LLETZ treatment

Hi all,


I just wanted to share my experience of having LLETZ treatment on tuesday. I turnt 25 in August, had my first smear in September. The results came back abnormal. A week later I had an appointment letter for a colposcopy. Tuesday I had colposcopy and LLETZ treatment at the same time. I found my smear very painful, so was terrified of going into hospital. I was extremely anxious and worked myself up. The colposcopy itself did not hurt at all, I had some discomfort with the LLETZ but not pain. I had quite a bit of bleeding so it took longer as the doctor had to stop the bleeding. I felt very numb and shakey afterwards.


Has anyone else had CGIN rather than CIN?

My smear showed abnormal cells high up in cervix. Doctor couldnt see any abnormalities anywhere but removed tissue lower down and higher up to be safe.

Ive had a few period like pains and mild bleeding and feeling exhausted but nothing some bed rest isnt fixing.


Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to share the experience as it wasnt half an bad as i was expecting!


Just got to wait for results now!




Hiya esmee I've got my colposcopy on Tuesday, my smear did show serve glandular changes cnig I think or agc, she said on the note suspected cc so hoping for good news x how long did your treatment take? We all need to rant and come on here for support xx try to be posititive xx

I had no explanation of my smear results just abnormal cgin. He said after treatment he would be very surprised if it's cc so fingers crossed. It's all such a horrible waiting game.


my appointment was at 1110 and I was leaving hospital at around 12. I think treatment took about 20 mins but this was longer as normal as I kept bleeding. Did you get that information on the results just from your smear?


She read me my results word for word, and then she was really symperthetic to me which made me worry, what did they say about the cgin cells? i can imagine that happening to me as I've been bleeding months on end constantly xx

All he said to me was that my smear test showed abnormal cells higher in the cervix which my body would not be able to fight off on its own. It didn't show up any abnormality lower down so no cin. 

He removed an area from both low and high up and sent it off for testing. To be honest he didn't say a lot and I have phoned since to speak to a nurse but that's not much they can tell me other than its a more awkward place to treat but the doctor thinks he hopefully removed it all. Just have to wait for results. I think your gp gets a copy of results so I will keep asking them as I'm so impatient! How are you feeling about going in? I was so terrified leading up to it but so relieved it wasn't painful. They did say if the biopsy shows the cells higher up wrre abnormal (even if successfully removed) you will have your check ups at the hospital rather than gp as they have a different  smear brush in hospitals for awkward areas.


trying to stay positive just scary when it's your first smear xx

It's my first smear too, I'm really nervous , I'm glad he was positive with you, sounds promising I was told glandular cells under the cin as they go in layers I could be wrong these are the cells that I have abnormal, im like you very impatient and ask everybit of detail how long did they say for your results xx

It's all really confusing. Before he started he said he won't be able to see it but because my smear said abnormal higher up and smears are usually quite accurate he was going to treat it anyway. I don't really understand how he can remove it if he can't see it?! It doesn't make any sense to me. 

They said up to 4 weeks. I think it's no news is good news. If they phone and ask you to come in its probably worse news not necessarily cc but maybe further treatment!



touch wood and keep us updated Hun, I've read info about these cells on proper websites and its Not always doom and gloom so it can be positive we caught it early xx

Thanks you too :)

sefinitely not all doom and gloom, reading stories on here from woman who have had cc the treatment seems to be really successful luckily