LLETZ Results

Hi All,

I am only 24 and had my first cervical screening about a month and a half to two months ago, this came back with severe dyskaryosis, and I was asked to come for a colposcopy. They manged to get me in for this in just over a week, and before I was even in the chair the Nurse told me that they were going to do the LETTZ procedure, which I must say, freaked me out a bit! Anyway they get me set up and give me the anastetic and then ofc the machine does not work! So they had to reschedule me for later that week. We finally get all of the sorted and I have had the worst couple of weeks, I was in constant pain and had to go back to the GP twice!

I am still in a bit of pain but doing better now. and I've finally got my results back but the phrasing of the letter has confused me! It says that I have CIN3 and CGIN, which isnt great but better than it could be, however it doesnt say if they've managed to remove all of the abnormal cells or not. It then says that they need to revie and discuss my report in a monthly meeting to sort out the best follow up care plan for me. It doesnt say when in the next month I'll get more information just that they will meet in september! Which is rather annoying anyway. 

But should I be worried that they want to review/discuss it in the monthly meeting and that they havent confirmed that all of the abnormal cells are removed? Or is this normal??


Many thanks in advanced, this site has been a great help over the past couple of months!


I also have CGIN. The MDT meeting is normal and I would assume that the reason they are having a meeting is because they didn't get it all. I had the same and had to have another LLETZ.  What exactly did the letter say? It's hard to interpret sometimes.

I was worried about that. Its a month later for me and im still in agony after the first LLETZ treatment and been back to the gp three times now and they have no clue whats wrong so are having to refer me back to gyne and for an ultrasound. And the thought of having to go through all of this again is not a nice one :(

The letter says that the report has shown CIN3 and CGIN. To ensure the best follow up plan for you I'm the future we would like to review your cervical screening test and LLETZ sample. And then says that they have the monthly meeting to review and discuss reports and that they'll write to me with the follow up plan.

Did they grade your CGIN in your letter at all? And how soon did the perform another LLETZ? 


I don't think CGIN is graded. I had the first one in March and the 2nd in july.