So today I got my appointment for LLETZ treatment. Absolutely no information supplied regarding the results. There’s no info about being able to drive or not post procedure.

Basically I want to know, will I be good to drive after having the procedure? If I can then my husband doesn’t have to take a full day off work.

I had my LLETZ 6th march, and I drove home. You have an adrenaline injection which makes you a little shakey so I'd just advise you to have a 20min rest and a cold drink (they gave me ice water afterwards anyway) before you drive xx


Hi Bec :)

I was told that I was able to drive after my first LLETZ as it was just under local anaesthetic but if you're having it under general anaesthetic, they say that you cannot drive for 24 hours afterwards.


It's under local as far as I'm aware. 

I have had my LLETZ appointment today. I am glad I wasn't driving tbh.

It hurt Cry a lot. I even had extra numbing but I felt a very sharp pain whilst he did the procedure and then I wouldn't stop bleeding. I feel mildly traumatised. I had the treatment at 11:30 and I'm in pain still even after painkillers.