LLETZ - Driving

Hi ladies,


I am having a Lletz on Thursday am and wondering if I will be safe enough to drive back after it's been done? My Partner was due to come with me but unfortunately work as come up that he can't get the time off to take me.


Thanks in advance.





I would try and avoid it. The leetz procedure is ok, but it can leave you feeling a little bit shaky after you first have it.


Try and get someone to pick you up x

Thank you Leah - I will get a taxi I think best to be safe then sorry.

Hi, I think it depends on how you feel. I'm luck in as much I live a short drive away from my hospital so I chose to drive myself there and back. I had no pain or side affects as felt "normal". I even went back to the gym 1 week later

Thank you for your reply KazzaG, my partner managed to swing it and drove me in the end - but seems I have ended up with an infection too!


Sorry to see you your diagnosies x