LLETZ General Anaesthetic

Hi all, I am new here and have recently had my first smear and colposcopy (as results came back with CIN3). I went to have my LLETZ yesterday under local anaesthetic but after further examination and having to try 2 different instruments to get to the abnormal cells (uncomfortable by itself!) they decided I need to have it done under general anaesthetic. I have never been under general anaesthetic so am wondering what should I expect? And would I be ok to go back to work the day after? Thanks!

Hi hun, 

I had Lletz under general just over two weeks ago and had already taken the following two days off as annual leave.  before the op I asked about time off and  they handed me a sick note with three days off  which she said was purely because the of the anaesthetic ( they actually gave me a new Note with 7 days off  after the op) 

I felt a bit groggy when I woke up  and was a bit sick but because of a few complications with the procedure i was under for longer than normal so was to be expected.  I was home the same day and was fine, just a bit sleepy.

hope all goes well xx  

Hi, I'm also new! I had LLETZ and a hysteroscopy D&C last Friday under general. Wasn't given the option of local anaesthetic. 

I would probably advise taking the next day off work. I was very tired still from the anaesthetic and in a bit of pain. I had mine done on a Friday and was back at work on the Monday with some discomfort but not bad enough to take a sickie. The pain shouldn't be too bad but make sure you follow your doctor's advice. I was told no exercise (running, weights etc) for two weeks, went for a 1.5 hour walk two days ago and felt like crap afterwards.

For me the worst bit has been the bleeding, I am not used to sanitary pads and am just finding the whole thing gross to be honest! Best of luck with it all.

Thanks for the information! I'll take the day off after to be sure. 

Out of interest how long was it before you could exercise? I've got a holiday 4 weeks after the LLETZ and really don't want to stop exercising for all of those 4 weeks! I know treatment comes first but want my clothes to still fit :)