Lletz and Smear

Afternoon Everyone, I hope everyone is doing okay, this is my first post after follwing the page for the last couple of years and the support and lovely comments are really encouraging. 

Last April my smear came back with HPV present but no abnormal cells! I though great my body is working it self out after having an abnoromal result and colopscoy the year before (2019) at low grade. 

Skip to this year with my smear in March, it came back to Severe with Changes, I didn't even get a letter in the post I had a phone call two weeks later from the clinic asking me to come in the week after for the Lletz procdeure.. I turnt up a week later, was called through to the operating room and was asked to undress and came back in, I did and when I came out the room was empty, the door to the hallway wide open and the cutrain pulled back so everyone could see in, half naked with a ridiculos towel around my bottom half. I was sat waiting for a good 20 minuets with about 6 nurses flapping around as no equipment was set up, the machine wasn't there and they stated they were not prepared :( it made the whole thing a bit more scary!

They said they couldnt give me the results of my smear, but my GP phoned back and gave them to me over the phone, he stated it was reported that there were clusters of severe changes and some 'suspicious cells'. I had to have the procedure and we will take it from there. 

Is it normal that it changed so much over the last 12 months? Or do you think my Smear in 2020 may have been wrong or not picked up enough cells? 

I didnt get any info on how everything looked down there from the nurse doing my Lltez procudeure, hoping results come back quickly. I know I am lucky they got me in so quick following smear. 

It sounds as if they gave you prompt treatment, if a bit chaotic.

I think at the moment it all seems a bit like that. How traumatic for you though. Did you ask them why they thought the progression was so fast? 


I was thinking about you today. I was imagining how wonderful it would be if all your efforts to fight the virus have paid off and when you go for your lletz treatment late this month, the abnormal cells have improved. Here's hoping!


I'm sorry to hear your experience was so traumatic. I do hope your results are good and you can start to heal from the experience.

Thinking of you,





that had occurred to me but I was rather depressingly bleeding post coitally last week ( though I suppose there are still biopsy scars), so might have progressed or stayed the same rather than regressed. We will see. Wasn't much blood, bit of pink. My boyfriend can be a little enthusiastic mind you. TMI maybe- really shouldn't be doing these things at 55( days presumes the rest of the world ha ha)


the helpline is great - sounds like your experience was horrible, might be good to chat with someone there ? I've used them a few times, I wasn't at all cool about all of this 


Hi Rebecca1965,

Sorry to hear about your bleeding. However, at least your lletz is nearing and you should get some more answers, and hopefully reassurance, following that.

Thinking of you,


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Thank you. I don't think it's much to worry about and it means a lot that you are thinking of me x

i shall keep stalking the other forums hoping you and others are ok too 

Thanks everyone for your comments <3 Got my letter in the post on Saturday and its good news and have a test of cure smear in 6 months Xxx

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Brilliant news Leagea!


It is xxx

Thank you Xxx

<3 Xxx